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+351 223 210 140

Rua de S. Miguel nº 686 Armazém A2, 4585-175 Gandra



Rorene is a family business, founded in 1983. Irene and Avelino Rocha, created a company specialized in women’s garment production.

Having more than 35 years working with some of the best national and international companies, our main goal for the coming years is to expand our business abroad and be specialized in the production of women high end and luxury fashion.

Today the company is working with around 60 people which all deliver the best to the company and want the best for it. All this path is only possible due the great connection between employees and managment team.

Rorene works from 8h-17h from monday to friday.

The company has been evolving the working conditions mostly due to the SMETA certification, here you can see the last years report – Rorene_SMETA_2017_Report



Rorene’s history started with Avelino and Irene Rocha, the founders of the company in 1983 started their business with only 6 people. After 3 months almost closed doors without work. But, fortunatly they managed to get a costumer which has helped them to grow. In 2 years Rorene was already with 40 workers. Since 1990 Rorene grew until the 60 workers and is like this until nowadays.

Until 2004 Rorene was an 100% exporter company for the european market, for the Brands Betty Barclay, Gil Bret, George Rech, Divina Moda.

After 2005 most of the costumers got the production to other contries and Rorene started to work with inditex group, producing for Zara, until 2014.

Since 2014 the ompany is divided into 2 production lines, one produces corporate uniforms, the other produces high end fashion for national and international costumers.

Since 2017 Rorene started to internationalize its service. The exportation turnover in percentage was around 15% at the end of the year.

2018 is the year of becoming specialized in the production of Bridals Fashion, Cocktail Fashion and become a company which will not only produce but also will add value to the products made at the company, from the development of the idea and turn into a reality. Fashion startups are always welcome.

For the next years Rorene will have more news…



Our mission is to present the best solutions to our costumers as a women garment manufacturer, oriented to the costumer relationship management and guided by the product quality demonstrated in the service provided.



Ethics and Trust – Delivering organic and sustainable results ethically and correctly.
People – Our employees are a determining factor for the companys performance.
Passion – Be in sync with our feelings – Reason, Heart, Mind.
Ambition – Always deliver the best and never less.
Innovation – Be innovative in our projects to achieve our costumer’s goals.
Social Responsibility – We have a sense of active social responsibility and therefore we try to contribute to the improvement of the society. In our company there is a code of conduct.