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Textile Waste, since the 1960s has increased by 811%, this was the result of a research by the EPA Animal Protection Agency. According to these data, textile “garbage” increased from 1.76 million tons in 1960 to 16 million tons today....

Women Wear Manufacturer


Porto City

Porto City – Rorene

Women wear manufacturer in Portugal, nowadays is very well known not only for it’s expertise and quality in manufacturing products but also because of the beautiful country and cities that Portugal have.

While visiting Portugal, on holidays or even working, you have to meet Porto city and try the best things there is, from the Wine to the traditional food and enoy the views.


Rorene Production

                     Rorene Production

In this lovely city you may find a Women Wear Manufacturer specialized in producing women wear such as dresses, skirts, trousers, tops, blouses, coats and Blazers, Rorene, located in Ermesinde, just 15 min away from Porto’s airport.

Here, you will find our company working with 55 employees to deliver the best quality and manage deliveries on time. For more information please go to our home page.


Rorene SMETA Certification

SMETA Certified By Sedex

Rorene SMETA Certified

SMETA Certified

SMETA Certification by Sedex. Sedex is an English entity which has a database of companys that can be Buyers, Suppliers or Intermidiate. SMETA Certification is a great chance for suppliers, they can be found easily b the buyers or intermiadiate companies, which may check all the history reports of the supplier company. To be present in this database there is an annual fee and of course there are rulles to follow, one of them is to be SMETA certified, which is evaluated through annual audits which represents a great deal for Suppliers and Buyers, in this way, buyers will always trust in the supplier and the supplier will keep up to date. There is a main concern which is also a global problem, the precarious working conditions as well as the the wages below the necessary to have the minimum living conditions and also the Children work, Rorene will always fight against poverty scenarios as far as it is Rorene’s concern. To know more about SMETA just click.

Rorene's Internationalization Trip [caption id="attachment_4687" align="alignleft" width="169"] Rorene's Stand[/caption] Rorene's internationalization trip was in February of 2017, which was the first trade show in 34 years of company. Just started in Paris in the well known trade show, Première Vision, where we may find...